A Christ centered community for vulnerable children and widows, located in Northern Uganda.

To many, this area may seem like a lost cause, but one man saw Acres of Hope. Acres of Hope is a Christ centered community for vulnerable children and widows. Located in Nebbi, Uganda, shelter, food, clean water, medical attention, a good education, the love of Chirst and hope for a future are just some of the things found at Acres of Hope. There are big goals and plans for Acres of Hope and the surrounding community, but it will take never-ending prayers and a lot of financial support. We are excited that you are here and hope that you will join us in spreading the love and hope found in Jesus Christ.

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Welcome to Acres of Hope

After years of being terrorized by the Lord's Resistance Army and becoming the world's epicenter for HIV/AIDS, Northern Uganda is struggling to get back up on its feet. Public education is limited and the quality is poor, clean water and electricity are rare, and most people call mud huts with a grass roof, home. Thousands of children have lost one, if not both parents and their opportunities to obtain life's basic needs are few and far between. Daily, children wake up before the sun, walk miles to fill up dirty jugs with even dirtier water, and trudge back home with the heavy containers on their heads, only to go to bed fighting hunger pains.