Sponsorship at Acres of Hope Uganda

The child you sponsor will receive opportunities and services that most of the worlds poorest children never see. These opportunities and services include:
Basic Needs, Healthcare and Emotional Support

Sponsorship is administered through our U.S. partner Acres of Hope International. Click here to Sponsor a Child Now!

Five houses provide homes for over 70 of the most vulnerable children in Nebbi, Uganda. These homes were funded by generous donors in the United States. They form appropriate emotional and social bonds, helping the children to cope with their past, and look forward to their future. The children have responsibilities, but they no longer have to skip school to find food or fetch water.

The students who do not live at Acres of Hope receive breakfast and lunch while at school. Many of them live with guardians who receive support from Acres of Hope in the form of basic necessities like food as well as livestock and gardening supplies to aid in the production of a local income.


The high dropout rate in Uganda is primarily because survival takes priority over education, and most of the time, school fees are simply not available. Acres of Hope Nursery and Primary School serves the children who live at Acres of Hope as well as others who live in the community. Approximately 150 students attend AOH School in Nebbi, and an additional 70 students attend the campus in Pakwach.

Acres of Hope children attend the Acres of Hope schools from Nursery through Primary 7 (which marks the end of elementary school). The children then attend secondary (high) schools throughout Uganda. The best secondary schools in Uganda are boarding schools so many AoH students attend school in the bigger cities of Arua and Kampala.

Sponsorship and Relationships

While Geoffrey and his team in Uganda do most of the leg work, child sponsorship has provided a way for hundreds of people to partner with Acres of Hope. For $50 a month, individuals can sponsor a child, providing school fees, school uniforms, healthcare, food, and other basic needs. The sponsors then get to communicate with their child through e-mail and physical letters. This relationship has proved to motivate the students to excel in their studies, knowing they have the support of their sponsor. Many of the students refer to their sponsor as Mom or Dad, and the joy they experience when they receive a letter is infectious.

Sponsorship is administered through our U.S. partner Acres of Hope International. Click here to Sponsor a Child Now!