Acres of Hope Uganda Vision for the Future

The vision is simple: "A society where orphaned and other vulnerable children have the opportunity to live normal and happy childhood lives." The journey to get there is a little more complex, requiring rehabilitation of wounded children with love, counseling, and support. Part of this process involves creating and sustaining a healthy home environment. This is being accomplished through the pod houses and house Moms as well as training and assisting the caretakers in the community. There are currently 5 pod houses, with dreams of 18 more.

Another crucial objective in fulfilling the mission is providing an opportunity for quality education. Acres of Hope school is already one of the best in the region, and when the three story school building is complete, they will be able to accommodate more students and continue to improve upon their scholastic endeavors. The school will include a computer lab, library, and a health clinic.

After students complete Primary 7 at Acres of Hope, support does not end. Acres of Hope will help students to further their education at secondary schools or acquire technical training.

While promoting self-sufficiency for Acres of Hope pupils and community members, Acres of Hope is also working toward sustainability. Gardening, pigs, chickens, goats, cows, turkeys and aquaponics projects help to provide food and a source of income. Ultimately, the goal is to transform lives and put God’s power on display so that others would come to know and love Him.

Long Term Vision

Build and furnish 18 more pod homes
Complete 2 more school buildings
Add more sustainability projects
Happy childhoods
Transformed community