We have the resources to answer their prayer requests.

PRAY! We believe in the power of prayer. No matter where you are or what you are doing, this is a beautiful way to support us. Please pray for wisdom for Pastor Geoffrey as he manages the homes, school, and agricultural projects. Pray for Christ-like leaders to join Geoffrey on the ground to help him with the work he is doing. Pray that the children, house mothers, teachers and the community, will come to know the love of Christ and love Him in return. Pray for continued support to flood in, so that more lives can be changed. And thank Him for the miracles that have already occurred!

VISIT!  Teams and individuals from all over the United States visit us through out the year. We have had teams help with construction, teach the children how to play field hockey, assist with the piggery, and so much more.  We love it when you share your gifts and talents with us! Feel free to drop us a note below if you have questions or words of encouragement. If you would like to hear stories from our visitors, stay up to date with the status and prayer requests at Acres of Hope, and see how God is at work, type "add to AOH newsletter" in the subject. You can also check out our blog and like us on facebook!

SPONSOR A CHILD!You can also make a big difference by sponsoring a child. It can quite literally be the difference between life and death. Over 100 children currently have sponsors, and 100 more children are praying and waiting for a sponsor. Their prayers are simple: school fees, food, shoes, a home. We have the resources to answer their prayers. Sponsors have the opportunity to develop a relationship with their child by writing letters, occasionally sending small gifts with teams, and they can visit them in person. If you are interested in sponsoring a child  visit World of God

INVEST! In its current stage, the financial needs are tremendous, but we know that nothing is impossible with the Lord. It has taken, and will continue to take countless hands joining together to make this vision come to full fruition. Supporters have already raised funds for the first five homes, a clean water well, a temporary school structure, and one of four permanent school buildings. The remaining school buildings will cost approximately $150,000. We will also need to purchase the plots of land surrounding out current site so that we can plant gardens and have room to grow. In the future we hope to construct five more pod houses and build guest quarters so that our visitors can stay near the site. Any investment in the Acres of Hope makes a huge difference. You can be a part of what God is doing by contributing through 127 World Wide 

Get Involved


Just in time for Christmas, but perfect for anytime of year, garlands made by house Moms and some of the AOH girls, are a wonderful way to support Acres of Hope. They are all uniquely handmade and great conversation starters. We also have t-shirts! Let everyone know about the awesome things happening at Acres of Hope and how they can be part of it too!