Before Acres of Hope, most of the children prayed for school fees. However, their daily priority was finding some sort of nutrition to ease their hunger pains. Now, sponsors provide children with three meals a day and a solid education. Students no longer have to worry about survival, and they can focus on their studies. Instead of waiting for funding to build a school, Pastor Geoffrey realized the importance of an education, and hired teachers as soon as possible. They got creative and used what they had to create classrooms. However, thunderstorms and the hot sun occasionally cancelled class.  Even in these conditions, the new students were excited and worked hard, exceeding all expectations. The long term goal for the school is to build four "school blocks" like the "L" shaped building pictured above. Once these four buildings are complete, classes from nursery through Primary 7 (pre-school through middle school), a library, offices for staff, and storage will be safe from the elements of Northern Uganda. You can be a part of building a school and providing an education for students by giving through 127 World Wide. 

The School